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The dynamic global economy confronts business with a continuous set of new challenges. Presented with a convergence of market, social, economic and environmental business factors that can significantly disrupt operations and plans; leaders need the ability to sense the market, forecast the future, formulate strategies, be competitive, and empower employees to take action for the business to succeed.  CMM provides independent, trusted, and timely business intelligence and analysis to support decision making, development of high impact strategies that can be integrated into the organization.



Sample Services:

Strategy & Business Development

Corporate Benchmarking

Business Intelligence

Sustainability Strategy 

Enterprise Risk

Economic Development

Emerging Issues 

Environmental & Energy Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility

The convergence in regulatory, economic, environmental, market, and social needs is driving new requirements on business risk, strategy and performance. This convergence is about addressing shifts in market requirements and balancing the trade-offs between best options for innovation and business growth.


Because this convergence is swift, it requires organizations to more readily access and integrate expert knowledge with critical insights across a broad range of business priorities.


CMM works with clients to develop a full range of options necessary for the business to manage risk, establish a plan of action, implement targeted strategies, measure and report progress, and effectively communicate impact and success.


CMM is known for its integrity, accountability, tact, and confidentiality. CMM serves as a trusted advisor to a diversity of businesses, from small-to-medium sized companies to large Fortune 100 clients.  CMM works with senior leaders to plan, prepare, mobilize, and transition their resources to achieve business success.


We assist clients in identifying, assessing, and understanding the converging issues and risks that have material impact their organization; and to integrate knowledge and resources into a tailored strategy for mitigating and managing risk.


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