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To remain profitable, respected, relevant, and trusted, businesses have always had to be responsive to the dynamics of the market and their customers. As business has gone global, the requirements on business have magnified. Further, the potential for reward is greater than ever in a global marketplace, so too is the risk of failure. Today, market-shaping shifts are converging and placing greater demands on business. In many ways business is experiencing increased accountability, transparency, reporting, and disclosures by consumers and regulatory agencies. At stake is the reputation of the business in its pursuit of value creation for shareholders, stakeholders, and society.


CMM differentiates itself by integrating the expert knowledge and pragmatic experience of our team with unique solutions for our clients. Our clients hire us for strategic insights and specialized assignments requiring expertise on energy, environmental, sustainability, product stewardship, social responsibility, governance, enterprise risk, emerging issues, economic development, government affairs, client development, corporate benchmarking, innovation and infrastructure.


CMM brings deep experience, expertise, independent analysis, and communications skills to serve our clients. A sample of our tailored approach for senior leaders and operational-level capability building and engagement is presented below.


Our team has had direct and pragmatic experience helping organizations define their sustainability values, create a vision, establish the right goals and metrics, and carry out a phased-approach to implementation, evaluation, refinement, and integration. Due to the nuance and multi-facets of business sustainability, a team approach is necessary for fully assessing the risks, opportunities, range of processes and solutions for business. Our work in large organizations including Fortune 500 companies provides us with tangible insight and right attitude and aptitude to support organizations in transition, as we have been there before.


Specifically, our team has direct expertise in:


  • Enterprise risk assessments, roadmaps and action plans

  • Emerging issues orientation and business alignment

  • Business tailored peer-to-peer knowledge benchmarking

  • Business strategy, risk management and advisory services

  • Business intelligence, implementation and integration

  • Value enhancement assessment and strategy



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