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CMM's Mark Coleman and Denny Minano publish Environmental Leader piece, "The Inevitable Convergence:

CMM's Mark Coleman, President and Denny Minano, Managing Director, published "The Inevitable Convergence: Corporations, Carbon, and Consumers" with Environmental Leader.

As noted by Coleman and Minano:

Business has discovered that the emergence of the “carbon conscious consumer” is a new reality influencing their strategy, operations, and products. The convergence of carbon within the consumer mindset has altered allocation of corporate resources. Corporations are now working to proactively engage their stakeholders to discover how best to align societal and business goals to achieve success.

Within and throughout all industry sectors and segments of the supply chain, American businesses are putting pragmatic carbon reduction, management, mitigation, and adaptation strategies and goals into place. Companies large and small have begun to seriously examine their carbon footprint in the context of their economic futures. Companies in the transportation, electric utility, specialty chemical, consumer product, electronics, life science and pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, and other business sectors have committed significant corporate resources to address carbon attributable to their operations, product life-cycle, and their supply chain. For these businesses, tracking and managing carbon is not just a regulatory requirement, it is simply good risk management. Read more:

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