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CMM announces the release of its white paper, “Governing for Performance: How the Best Companies Cre

October 19, 2016 – CMM announces the release of its white paper, “Governing for Performance: How the Best Companies Create and Capture Sustainable Value.

CMM’s President, Mark Coleman, states, “our latest white paper captures business insights and unique perspective gathered from more than 50 interviews among C-suite sustainability, risk, environmental, and business operations leaders representing some of the world’s most significant corporations. We have observed that the most trusted and respected companies are those that have put into place, a pragmatic and disciplined framework for creating and capturing sustainable value. This paper integrates our findings and summarizes this evolving context of business.”

CMM’s white paper begins, “Managing corporate reputation in today’s volatile geo-political business environment is akin to assessing terror threats. You don’t know who’s targeting you, let alone when, how, where, or even why. All you know is that you need to be prepared. Today, even the smallest of missteps or momentary lapses in judgement can make headlines and lead to loss of corporate value in a moment’s notice. The ability to anticipate and foresee challenges before they become material business issues is a competitive advantage for attaining business continuity, resiliency and performance… To remain profitable, respected, relevant, and trusted, businesses have always had to be responsive to the dynamics of the market and their customers. As the potential for reward is greater than ever in a global marketplace, so too is the risk of failure.”

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