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CMM article "Boosting Economies and Quality of Life via an Integrated National Infrastructure P

CMM proudly announces that Revitalization News has featured its article, "Boosting Economies and Quality of Life via Integrated National Infrastructure," in their July 15, 2018 Issue #79.

The article was co-written by CMM's President, Mark Coleman and Managing Director, Denny Minano along with David Kirshenbaum, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Services, Hilco Real Estate.

In the article Coleman, Minano, and Kirshenbaum state,

"America’s infrastructure is outdated, and in many regions of the country this obsolescence is creating real risks to human health and environment as infrastructure continuously crumbles before our eyes. The Band-Aid approach to pass piecemeal budgets for keeping the lights on, whether it’s in city, county, state or federal government operations, further exacerbates the severe state of need America’s infrastructure poses...At stake is the ability for all Americans to have access to basic services as well as the capacity to grow our communities and economy in sustainable ways...What we need is a blueprint for building better partnerships, between governments and the private sector. This blueprint has precedent in many well-conceived and executed examples of partnership success. There are, throughout America and across the globe, examples of public-private partnerships that yield consequential outcomes and impacts for all stakeholders. If, in America, we continue to view our worlds as one comprised of a series of competing factions, then our outcomes will remain fractured and the impact/uplift we collectively seek will never be realized."

For more background and information on Revitalization News: The Journal of Urban, Rural and Environmental Resilience and its publisher Storm Cunningham, see: and

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