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CMM's Mark Coleman presents at premier industry forum, Surplus Property Roundtable

CMM President Mark Coleman was asked to present at the Surplus Property Roundtable on the topic of "Putting Brownfield Sites into Productive Reuse."

Recently Mr. Coleman delivered CMM's presentation and perspective, "It's Time: Executing the Next Generation Model for Accelerating the Economic Value of Properties Environmentally Restored and Remediated" before an audience of 65 corporate real-estate, environmental, and development leaders.

The presentation highlighted CMM's deep knowledge, market insights, and data-driven trends aggregated across its 15-year working history convening and facilitating corporate risk, remediation, real-estate, environmental, and sustainability leaders.

CMM's white paper states,

"America continues to evolve as a nation, and as a force for good in a global society. Today, the U.S. is facing a new kind of environmental challenge. The rapid adoption of technology has disrupted industries, making some obsolete while giving rise to entirely new ones. The Internetof-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, rapid prototyping, bioinformatics, 3D printing, and a host of other technologies and applications are enabling the more efficient production and consumption of goods and services. This evolution of industrial capability has fostered a service economy, while dramatically re-calibrated the traditional manufacturing economy.

To remain competitive, respected, and valued on a global stage, as well as protect the rights of its citizens nationally, the U.S. should integrate the best practices from those public-private partnerships that have and continue to capture sustainable value. Advancements in technology and innovative best practices from government and industry have already demonstrated the potential for creating and capturing value from the redevelopment of contaminated properties.

A new social-economic metric is evolving which can, if adequately tested and verified, accelerate the creation of economic value from remediated properties. We suggest that a pragmatic study be commissioned to assess the viability of accelerating the environmental cleanup of contaminated properties, which can yield significant near-term economic impacts."

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