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CMM and Mazars publish new white paper, "The Business of Blockchain: Building a Better Future o

CMM and Mazars announce publication of a new white paper titled, "The Business of Blockchain: Building a Better Future on Blocks of Trust."

The white paper, jointly written by Stelios Vogiatzis of Mazars and Mark Coleman of CMM, examines the critical role of trust in the acceptance, assimilation, and assurance of Blockchain technology.

The white paper summarizes recent and unique examples of Blockchain development and deployment in sectors including real-estate, decentralized energy, and global supply chain and risk management.

Vogiatzis and Coleman state, "Blockchain levels the playing field between global brands that were trusted by consumers and governments for having attained scale, reputation, and longevity versus new-age companies that have yet to prove any of these values but stand firmly behind the perception of a more secure means of doing business. As the digitally connected world struggles with ransomware attacks, information and data breaches, and daily concerns of cyberespionage, those organizations that wield advanced solutions for data integrity, assurance and security will continue to have upside potential in the marketplace.

From our viewpoint there is reason to expect more investment in Blockchain technology in the next two to five years. While mature companies in mature industries evaluate how best they integrate Blockchain into their existing infrastructure to optimize efficiency of operations and provide enhanced security features for customers, more agile start-up companies may have a near-term upside potential in capturing new customers on the merit of a trust-based technology solution."

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About Mazars

Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organisation, specialising in audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services. Find out more at

About CMM

Convergence Mitigation Management (CMM) is a high-value business intelligence, strategy, and management consultancy providing custom advisory services to business, government, applied research, and non-governmental organizations. Found out more at

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