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CMM's Mark Coleman contributes to new book, "Sustainability in the Gulf: Challenges and Opp

CMM's Mark Coleman contributed to the new book, "Sustainability in the Gulf: Challenges and Opportunities," published by Routledge.

Edited by Elie Azar and Mohamed Abdel Raouf, "Sustainability in the Gulf" provides a deep analytical perspective and context on development challenges associated with the swift economic and demographic growth that has occurred among Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries, particularly in the past decade.

Mr. Coleman contributed to Chapter 10 of the book, "Sustainability Assessment for Real Estate in UAE: The case of Masdar City" with lead author, Natalia Karayaneva.

"Sustainability in the Gulf" is available by Routledge and Amazon.

About Sustainability in the Gulf:

"Sustainability in the Gulf covers the region’s contemporary development challenges through the lens of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which place sustainability at the centre of the solution to the current environmental, economic, and social imbalances facing GCC countries. The book presents multiple analyses of Gulf-specific sustainability topics, examining the current status, challenges, and opportunities, as well as identifying key lessons learned. Innovative and practical policy recommendations are provided, as well as new conceptual angles to the evolving academic debates on the post-oil era in the Gulf. Through chapters covering sector-related studies, as well as the socio-economic dimensions of the sustainability paradigm, this volume offers valuable insights into current research efforts made by the GCC states, proposing a way forward based on lessons learned.This is a valuable resource for students, academics, and researchers in the areas of Environmental Studies, Political Economy, and Economics of the GCC states." [Routledge, 2017]

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